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Sardanista Grouping

 Sardanista grouping

Vilanova de Bellpuig was founded in 1979 from the initiative of the council of culture Josep Mª Buireu i Prats and Ramon Vergés i Buireu, who asked former members of the Sardanista Sol Ixent grouping, which was founded in 1963, and that year organized the first contest Sardana in our village.In its early days the group was active for five years. </ DIV> The people who founded the Association of Vilanova de Bellpuig Sardanista were Xavier Pons, Adriana Font, Paquita Segarra, Pilar Torrades, Montserrat Sanfeliu and Francisco Galitó who restarted Sardana group activity.In 1980 was held the second contest Colles sardanas where the old name of Sol Ixent was again highlighted, along with a newly created group called Saltirons.A year later Colla Noves Branques appeared and Dansaires de Ponent in 1984.For several years Vilanova could enjoy 4 sardanas groups in Terra Ferma and Catalonia championships. Currently only the large group Sun Ixent dances, the group leaders are Marcel Buira and Ruben Valls.</ DIV> Once the Association legalized, Pilar Torrades was named president and secretary Josep Ramón Fontanet and later Josep Maria Roig.</ DIV> During the years 1984 and 1990, the Colla Saltirons achieved good positions in the Terra Ferma championship, being twice champion runner and a year in the junior category.</ DIV> Sardanista The Association has always stood by the actions out of our people. One of the first major departures highlight was the participation in the contest of Ceret, in Northern Catalonia where we went for four consecutive years.</ DIV> One of the most endearing performances where members of Vilanova groups participated, was the opening of the Olympic Games in Barcelona, ??since twenty dancers danced the Sardana representing the Olympic rings.</ DIV> In the past 10 years we have taken the name of our people throughout Europe due to our participation in international meetings, showing the personality of Catalonia, teaching and proclaiming the full extent Sardana. The cities where we have to dance along this year are: Brussels, Florence, Marseille, Hannover, Luxembourg, T oulouse, Hall In Tirol and Innsbruk, Lousanna, Alghero and the last in Copenhagen.</ DIV> It should be mentioned that our way of doing things has always been to ensure that the meeting is as attractive and vibrant as possible for spectators, so we were the first to incorporate the form of free points in our exhibits.</ DIV> In the early nineties the Association of Vilanova was among the first that featured a strong team of monitors / ace, that moved by the people around us to take courses of the plan "Saltem i Ballem". In Vilanova, during these 11 years of the Plan courses for children have been conducted each year and also been performed on older people. </ DIV> Grouping Sardanista since its inception has always taken care of Sardana, doing that every year the contest to be held with the help of the Town Hall the Association Council. Sardanas Snail Festival was carried out for 15 years without interruption. At first, the last Sunday of July and since 2000, the first Sunday of October. </ DIV>
Exhibits sardanas For Free points contact: </ DIV> Sardanista Grouping
Pilar Torrades
C / clock, one
25264 Vilanova de Bellpuig
973 32 40 97 </ DIV> </ DIV>

Address: C/ Closet,1, 25264

Phone: 973 324097

Penya Blaugrana Group


style="LINE-HEIGHT: 8pt; lang = EN # 666 699; COLOR: mso-bidi-font-size: Verdana; 13.0pt FONT-FAMILY: "> </ span> </ p> < p> </ span> </ span> barely 47 years ago, on March 1st, 1961, a group of Barcelona fans decided to found a Penya. It was a group of people who felt and loved the club's colors, a group of people who had a common dream, being able to go to see a football game on the same field of the club. </ Span> </ p>

From this group of Catalans came the first Board: </ span> </ p>

- i Sanfeliu Sanfeliu Blasi, President
- Enric Salcedo i Burguete, Vice-President
- Joan Macia i Canela, Secretary
- Mariano Culleré i Biosca, Treasurer
- Jaume Farré i Secanell, Accounting
- Antonio Miralles i Farré, Vocal
- Antonio Palau i Jove, Vocal </ span> </ p> </ span> </ p> < p> Acted Endorsers Mr. Ignasi Serra, Mr. Domingo Martí and Mr.  Antonio Tudela.  These people got to work hard, had a lot of work if they wanted to go ahead l w:st="on" productid="la Penya, because times were difficult and at that time it was not easy to legalize an entity of those features. </ span> </ p>

There were many travelings to the Civil Government, and they were always rejected by the Statutes for one thing or another, but rejected mainly because they were written in Catalan. </ span> < / p>

After overcoming all sorts of obstacles on September 9th, 1963, it was officially opened roductid=" Blau-Grana Penya of Vilanova, which has as clubhouse the Bar Juventut.  Attending the inauguration were Mr. Nicolau Casaus, former players and Gustau Biosca and Mariano Martín, along with Mr. Julián Mir journalist and director of sports magazines of the time Dicen" and "Lean". </ Span> </ p>

In the late 1963 productid="la w:st="on" Penya"> </ Span> </ p>

TV and a coffee maker were bought, paid by 19 partners out of their pocket, as the board did not have enough money. Later that money would be refunded to partners. </ Span> </ p>

As time passed the grouping increased the number of partners, and on September 8th, 1964 they moved again to a wider clubhouse, owned by Mr..Rosend Marbà, in the Main Street. This time there were the same partners who together with the board made ??the refurbishment of the clubhouse, did it in three steps and during the weekends, and of course with no charge. </ Span> </ p>

In 1965 the Statutes were extended as sociocultural entity according to the Gazette.
In 1967 bus trips to Barcelona were organized, and in March 1974 there were purchased 8 membership cards of FC Barcelona with seat, that still stand today. </ Span> </ p>

The years go by and Penya is celebrating its birthday. </ span> </ p>

On the 25th anniversary there is a big party with the participation of Mr..Nicolau Casaus, local entities and ex-players. The 30th anniversary was celebrated with the presence of Mr. Guasch by the club, local authorities and the peñas from the province. </ Span> </ p>

In the early 90s, productid="la w:st="on" la Peña participates annually in the acts of the Cultural Week of Vilanova, in the presence Mr. Casaus and the international player José Mari Bakero.
On November 28th, 1992 there is the celebration dinner productid="la cup"> w:st="on" La Liga, with the assistance of Mr..Casaus and members of the TV show " productid="la Barbershop".In this event we were honored to enjoy the presence of the two cups. </ Span> </ p>

On November 29th, 1999 it is organized the Festa"> productid="la w:st="on" </ st1: place> Centennial with a bonfire and snack The Penya to all members and supporters. </ span> < / p>

It should be noted that with 40 years of history w:st="on" Penya Penya productid="la Blau-Grana de Vilanova has been present in all European finals, it has played for Barça: Bern, Basel, Rotterdam, Seville, Wembley, Athens .... among others, as well as in all finals Copa del Rey. </ span> </ p>

The last festival was held on April 22nd, 2001 on the 40th Anniversary la Peña and also on the 14th Meeting of Penyes of Lleida.It was attended by Mr Castells. </ Span> </ p>

Municipal Home for the Elderly


In 1989 a group of older people and the Town Hall came together to form an association of older people. Hence arose a first board and a first place where to meet (the Hall of the Old Town Hall). </ DIV> La Caixa de Catalunya collaborated placing the furniture.</ DIV> Because site conditions were not the most appropriate it was needed to build a new building and on September 4th, 1997 it was inaugurated the current Municipal Home for the Elderly, due to the collaboration of the Town Hall, Welfare and Caixa de Catalunya.</ DIV>

Address: C/ Pare Pacífic,1, 25264

Phone: 973 324392

Guineus Theatre


style="LINE-HEIGHT: 8pt; lang = EN # 666 699; COLOR: mso-bidi-font-size: Verdana; 19.0pt FONT-FAMILY: "> Guineus theater </ span> #666699; xfont-family:
an activity within the Sardanista Grouping </ span> </ p>

</ font> </ span> </ span> </ p> </ font> </ span> </ span> </ p> The theater group is one of the activities included within the Association Sardanista. </ Font> </ span> </ span> </ p> The history of theater in Vilanova begins in the twenties, where a company made ??plays in our town and around. </ span> </ span> </ font> </ p> The vilanovinos can be happy for the cultural legacy that has been preserved over the years. </ font> </ span> </ p> At the beginning the theater was represented only by boys, except the traditional representation of the shepherds, where some girls could intervene. It was from 1961 when the first work was represented with boys and girls. </ Font> </ span> </ p> After w:st="on" productid="la War Civil War </ st1: place> all cultural activities: theater, ballets, Sardana, ... were done by the Catholic Action Casal, and this helped to preserve our cultural roots. </ font> </ span> </ span> </ p> Between 40 and 60 some representations were done during the year. </ span> </ span> </ font> </ p> When the mixed group of boys and girls" Joventut Alegre "was formed,after the theater plays the ceremony was used to be closed with a performance group of guitars and traditional Ballets. </ font> </ span> </ p> 8pt; mso-bidi-font-size: #666699; colour: face=Verdana> The director of this era was Paquito Martin i Palau, that for 10 years led this group where besides the plays at Christmas, did the Shepherds.A serious accident caused the death of the director, and for a few years representations were no longer done.    </ Font> </ span> </ p> from the year 1980 and from the area of Culture of the City Hall when it turned to enhance the representation of the Shepherds that for seven years took place in the shows in our town.Those responsible for this milestone were Joan Trull, Jaume Giribet and Pilar Torrades. </ St1: place> </ font> </ span> </ p> In 1996 the group was formed" Guineus Theatre ", and the same year we performed the play" Distracted but not both ", which was a success and encouraged us to continue with" Coffee without sugar, "" Pi, Noguera and Castanyer "," I need a doctor ", ...The management has been borne by Pilar oaquim Torrades and J Dalmau. </ Font> </ span> </ p>

</ A> For performances contact: </ font> </ span> </ span> </ p> Sardanista Grouping
th.Pilar Torrades
C / clock, one
25264 Vilanova de Bellpuig
973 32 40 97 </ font> </ span> </ p>

Address: C/ Closet,1, 25264

Phone: 973 324097

The Environmental Group La Guineu del Pla


Guineu Environmentalist Group Guineu del Pla was formed on December 29th, 1999 with the idea of bringing together the environment and preservation of local activities. </ font> </ p > The most important initial activity was the Tree Planting in the Riuet, which has been done every year. Moreover, our activities include The Agro Days with talks and workshops, murals painted on environmental issues, trips and excursions (Mitjana of Lleida, Ivars, House Canal on bike ...) and more recently, walking in the moonlight in the summer and as scoop, the outdoor movie from last summer. </ font> </ p> Currently, Montserrat Serra i Pallars is the President, Maribel Zamora I Balasch is the vice president and the secretary is Mercè Sauch . </ Font> </ p> we share the space in the Town Hall with grallers and the giant group. </ Font> </ p>

Address: C/Dr. Gassol,1 Sala 2, 25264

Phone: 973 324362

Esbart Dansaire

The Esbart Dansaire is part of the Association Sardanista. The dancers practice the two modes: Sardana and traditional dance. </ Span> </ p>

In 1945 there were already danced ballets for Easter and a in few years they were no longer done. There have always been people willing to run the trainings. Some of the first were Montserrat Torres and Gloria Tudela"> productid="la Montserrat Torres, Carmen Florensa"> </ Span> </ p>

Because w:st="on" Gloria Gloria productid="la missions Tudela were Pilar Torrades which continued the work in the sixties and went to make the workshop a Women's Section for Catalan dance instructor. So for four years I learned the art and many ballets later teach in our people and villages who were interested in learning Catalan dance. Thus, in this village, the first official ballet group named "Group of Songs and Dances of Vilanova de Bellpuig" was formed. They participated in various competitions and also in numerous local performances. The group was formed by six mixed couples. </ Span> </ p>

Between 1964 and 1970 there was a very active ballets group in Vilanova de Bellpuig.This was unique in our region. It was the era of the new song and many people's performances, at major festivals and festivals that were held ??at that time. </ Span> </ p>

Since 1977 the proceedings have been uninterrupted on Easter day. </ span> </ p>

Currently, and since the eighties we are registered in the Department of Culture of l and the current Government at the Centre promotion of Catalan popular culture and as Esbart Dansaire Vilanova de Bellpuig. </ span> </ p>

In addition to performances at Easter, we also danced at parties that are made ??in our village or in the surrounding villages. </ span> </ p>

The Esbart it made up of men and women of different ages, from 5 to </ st1: metricconverter> 27 years. The mechanical work is very simple: the large group leads the trainings Torrades"> </ Span> </ p>

</ A> To hire performances contact: </ span> </ p> Grouping Sardanista
th.Pilar Torrades
C / clock, one
25264 Vilanova de Bellpuig
973 32 40 97 </ span> </ p>

Address: C/ Closet,1, 25264

Phone: 973 324097

Verge del Lliri Choir


8pt; lang = EN style="LINE-HEIGHT: FONT-FAMILY: COLOR: # 666 699; Choir Verdana; mso-bidi-font-size: Verge del Lliri 19.0pt "> </ span> < span lang = CA style = "font-size: 8pt; color: # 666699; xfont-family: Verdana; mso-bidi-font - size: 12.0pt">
from an old Folk Group </ span> </ p>

</ Font> </ span> </ span> </ p> w:st="on" productid="la Coral Verge"> The Verge del Lliri Choir </ span> From Vilanova de Bellpuig was founded in January 1990 from a former Folk Group (founded in 1970). </ span> </ span> </ font> </ p> w: formed personname "the Caramelles Choir to sing. But given the success, both musically and in the number of singers, it was decided to continue to federate in the Catalan Federation Choirs. </ Font> </ span> </ p> < span class = textexplicatiu1> The Choir </ span> </ span> < span style = "font-SIZE: 8pt; COLOR: # 666699; mso-bidi-font-size: 10.5pt"> has performed in concerts Party </ st1: place> of Music, S anta Cecilia, sung Christmas, all meetings from Pla d'Urgell and those of the FCEC held in L read, Vilanova de Bellpuig, Verdú, Flix and Cervera. </ span> </ span> </ font> </ p> 8pt; mso-bidi-font-size: colour: face=Verdana> #666699; it also participated in the tributes given to Lluis Virgili w: personname "the Seu Seu Vella of Lleida and Oriol Martorell in Barcelona Sports Palace.It also participated on April 9th, 1990 at the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona at the big meeting of the 150th Anniversary Choir Singing in Catalonia .In 1992 it also sang at the Palau Sant Jordi of Barcelona at Sing Catalonia Meeting. </ Font> </ span> </ p> acts at parties in your area, places like charity the Hospital St..Antoni de Tarrega, Home of Retired Borges Blanques, Home of Santa Ana del Castell del Remei, Cottolengo the Father Alegre Barcelona, ??etc.. </ Font> </ span> </ p> has participated in numerous weddings, festivals and private social events. < / font> </ span> </ p> face=Verdana> 10.5pt on 11th June 95 it held productid="la Festa"> </ st1: place> 25th Anniversary of Song Collective, among the group of Folk and The Choir. On October 13th, 1996 w:st="on" productid="la it sang the Sunday Mass at TVE studios of Channel 2.In March of 1997 they went a week in Rome.There they productid="la w:st="on" w:st="on" ProductID="16 16 </ st1: metricconverter> Vatican Pere.  The same day had a concert of Sacred Music in the Church of Sant Ignasi in the Roman capital. They also sang productid="la w:st="on" Missa"> the Mayor. </ font> </ span> </ p> It also participated on April 9th, 2000 at the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona at the big meeting of the 150th Anniversary Choir of Catalonia. </ font> </ span> </ p> face=Verdana> 10.5pt Historically both groups have been directed by Xavier Pons who was also its founder. </ font> </ span> </ p>

class=textexplicatiu1> 7.5pt For performances contact: < / font> </ span> </ span> </ p> Mr. .Xavier Pons
973 32 40 73 Mobile:
687-55 80 10 Fax: 973-32 40 46
E-mail: </ font> < span style = "color: # 666699"> face = Verdana> </ font> </ span> </ A> </ span> </ p>

Address: C/ Pare Pacífic, 1, 25264

Irrigators Collective


</ span> face="Times New Roman"> </ v: stroke> lineDrawn eqn="if pixelLineWidth </ v: f> </ v: f> 0 eqn="sum </ v: f> 1 eqn="prod2 </ v: f> </ v: f> 21600 eqn="prod3 </ v: f> f </ v: f > </ v: f> 21600 </ v: f> </ v: f> 21600 </ v: f> </ v: f> </ v: formulas > </ v: path> </ o: lock> </ font> </ font> </ v: ShapeType> </ w: wrap> </ v: shape> </ span> Irrigators Collective </ span>
demarcation # 10 </ Span> </ p>

</ span> </ p>

< TR style = "mso-yfti-IRow: 0; mso-yfti-firstrow: yes"> < TD style = "BORDER-RIGHT: black, padding-RIGHT: 7.5pt; BORDER-TOP: black, padding-LEFT: 7.5pt; padding-BOTTOM: 7.5pt; BORDER-LEFT: black, padding-TOP: 7.5pt; BORDER-BOTTOM: black; BACKGROUND-COLOR: transparent ">

1st A3 nozzle 3rd Prahl. BOQUERETA </ span> </ p> </ TD>

< TD style = "BORDER-RIGHT: black, padding-RIGHT: 7.5pt; BORDER-TOP: black, padding-LEFT: 7.5pt; padding-BOTTOM: 7.5pt; BORDER-LEFT: black, padding-TOP: 7.5pt; BORDER-BOTTOM: black; BACKGROUND-COLOR: transparent ">

5th Can I2 nozzle. COUNTRY HOUSES </ span> </ p> </ TD>

< TD style = "BORDER-RIGHT: black, padding-RIGHT: 7.5pt; BORDER-TOP: black, padding-LEFT: 7.5pt; padding-BOTTOM: 7.5pt; BORDER-LEFT: black, padding-TOP: 7.5pt; BORDER-BOTTOM: black; BACKGROUND-COLOR: transparent ">

Mòdol A3 Can. ALLEY </ span> </ p> </ TD>

center; align=center> Boqueres </ span> </ B> </ p> </ TD>

TEXT-ALIGN: center center> "align = No plots </ span> </ B> </ p> </ TD>

center; align=center> Share </ span> </ B> </ P> </ TD> </ TR>

A2 1st 3rd Prahl nozzle.Can. PLANETS </ span> </ p> </ TD>

right "align = Right> 96 </ span> </ p> </ TD>

right" align=right> 197 357 </ span> </ p> </ TD> </ TR>

right "align = Right> 71 </ span> </ p> </ TD>

right" align=right> 195 586 </ span> </ p> </ TD> </ TR>

1 Can A3 ª nozzle.S.NOVA </ span> </ p> </ TD>

right "align = Right> 135 </ span> </ p> </ TD>

right" align=right> 351 665 </ span> </ p> </ TD> </ TR>

nozzle I2 4th Can. SIERRA </ span> </ p> </ TD>

right "align = Right> 295 </ span> </ p> </ TD>

right" align=right> 788 246 </ span> </ p> </ TD> </ TR>

right "align = Right> 278 </ span> </ p> </ TD>

right" align=right> 489 113 </ span> </ p> </ TD> </ TR>

Nozzle gardens </ span> </ p> </ TD>

132 </ span> </ p> </ TD>

right" align=right> 8696 </ span> </ P> </ TD> </ TR>

A2 Mòdol 3rd Prahl.Can. Corton </ span> </ p> </ TD>

right "align = Right> 271 </ span> </ p> </ TD>

right" align=right> 641 181 </ span> </ p> </ TD> </ TR>

A3 Mòdol 3rd Prahl.Can. PLETA </ span> </ p> </ TD>

right "align = Right> 107 </ span> </ p> </ TD>

right" align=right> 217 411 </ span> </ p> </ TD> </ TR>

right "align = Right> 279 </ span> </ p> </ TD>

right" align=right> 671 992 </ span> </ p> </ TD> </ TR>

right" align = Right> Total surface </ span> </ B> </ p> < / TD>

3561.247 </ span> </ B> </ P> </ TD> </ TR> </ tbody> </ TABLE> </ p>

Address: C/ Dr. Gassol,1, 25264

Grallers Giant Group

</ DIV> On Thursday, September 4th, 2003, the baptism of Vilanova Giants, Paco and Mercé took place.  They were sponsored by Juneda Giants, Irene and Manel, and the Councillor for Culture, Pilar Farreny and Councilman Young, Ramon Biosca. In this event, they released the official ballet giants Vilanova de Bellpuig, which is represented as follows: </ font> </ DIV> </ font> </ DIV> Paco: Four bars later, four bars, walking around on itself four </ font> </ DIV> behind bars , returning to the starting place, and four bars walking around on itself. </ font> </ DIV> Mercè: Four bars later, four bars, walking around on itself four </ font> </ DIV> bars back, returning to the starting place, and four bars walking around on itself. </ font> </ DIV> Do these steps twice. </ U> </ font> </ DIV> After music quickens and the two giants come and give a face to face </ font> </ DIV> color=#666699> looking back on themselves. </ font> </ DIV> After the round, everyone goes to </ font> </ DIV> your right and face forward until he was at the same height, and then the </ font> </ DIV> same operation but to the left, making as half moon. </ font> </ DIV> is relocating from face and gives a return on themselves. </ font> </ DIV> They return back to the starting position and get another turn. </ Font> </ DIV> color=#666699> giants christening day were: </ font> </ DIV> Cal Ramon Benet Pomal Sans </ font> </ DIV> David Sans Cal color=#666699> Pomal </ font> </ DIV>
Ca color=#666699> Marc Rovira jumped the Munda </ font> </ DIV> Ramon Ca l'April Biosca </ font> </ DIV> color = # 666 699> </ font> </ DIV>

Address: C/ Dr. Gassol,1, 25264

L'Estoneta Table Tennis Club

  lang=CA size=3 CPU Vilanovenc" l 'Estoneta "</ span> </ font> </ span> </ p> </ span> </ span> </ p>

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